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Algonquin Canoe Trip Video

Watch Our Algonquin Canoe Trip Video!

Algonquin Park Outfitter

Canoe Outfitter at Algonquin Park Access Point #1

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Algonquin Canoe Trips

Go freestyle or go on a private guided tour

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Canoe and Kayak Rentals

Grab a canoe and a map of Algonquin and paddle around to see what adventures await. With full outfitting packages available, we have everything you need to have a fantastic Algonquin Park canoe trip experience.

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Algonquin Park Canoe Trips

With over 7,630 square kilometres to explore, Algonquin is a massive area to adventure alone. Have one of our friendly guides show you places and sights only the locals know about.

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Accommodations & Camping

If sleeping in a tent is not your thing, then how about paddling out to a private island with a hot shower, stove, BBQ and even a floating sauna. Be surrounded by nature with a roof over your head.

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Algonquin Canoe Trip Outfitters Special

Take advantage of our Algonquin Canoe Trip Outfitters Special and for just $47 you can spend two days in scenic Algonquin Park, exploring the waterways, viewing wildlife and sleeping under the stars. Kick it all off with a night at our cozy lakeside cabins where you can enjoy the floating sauna and cook your meals over a fire pit.

Algonquin Canoe Trip Outfitters

Warm Wishes for a great 2015!

Happy New Year from Algonquin Park’s  snowy north west corner! If you love winter like we do,   get here soon as it’s gorgeous ! Lot’s of snow and great  ice conditions  for  snowshoe, ski and dogsledding.


If you are looking for a winter escape, book one of our chalet

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Holy Water !

Extreme water levels and flooding at Algonquin Park northwest corner

Last night, I was enjoying a cold beer after a long day taking in docks and getting our Algonquin park canoe outfitter ready for winter.   The weather was clearing and the soft light of sunset on the fall colours was gorgeous.   I was talking with

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Guided Algonquin Canoe Trips

1 Day Canoe Trip

Voyageur Quest specializes in Algonquin Park canoe trips and camping adventures in Ontario, Canada. Led by expert guides, our Algonquin canoe trips feature amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, fantastic backcountry cuisine and spectacular campsites. Book now!

3 Day Canoe Trip

The Algonquin Park 3 day canoe trip is convenient with trips leaving every Monday and Friday from Toronto. Food, equipment and the services of a professional guide are all provided. Book 3 day Algonquin Canoe Trip

5 Day Canoe Trip

The 3-day/2-night canoe trip in Algonquin presents excellent opportunities to see moose or hear wolves while the 2-days/2 nights at the Algonquin Log Cabin offer great hiking and comfort. Book your Canoe Trip

Voyageur Outfitting New Ownership next prev

  • apos We would like to thank Don MacLean, for all his hard work and dedication to Voyageur Outfitting. Don Retired from Voyageur Outfitting in October of 2012, and sold it to Voyageur Quest. VQ will continue to operate the outfitter with the same warm hospitality in offering an amazing Algonquin Park canoe trip experience. We wish Don all the best and thank him for his 30 years of excellence. Learn more about Voyager Outfitting