Algonquin Weather

With Voyageur Outfitting, it's easy to explore Algonquin Park's beauty any day of the year.
Check out some of our favourite activities from each season below!


Spring is a season of rebirth and growth. Watch as 5 months of snow and ice melt in just a few weeks, revealing open water for the first time since autumn. Paddle your first strokes of the year and cast a line for the opening of trout season. You're most likley to see animals such as moose, beavers, fox and bear in the spring as they emerge from their winter homes with their young to feast on the fresh vegetation in abundance. Join one of our Moose Safaris to get a chance to photograph these amazing animals up close. Later in the season however, the mosquitos and black flies emerge, slowing things down for a while. Spring also means high water, and we love to take full advantage of it. Creeks and streams become raging rivers, making travel easier and shortening some portages.
Ideal Canoe Trip: Fishing and wildlife photography down the rushing Nipissing River, before the bugs come out in late may.


Summer is canoe trip season and that's what Algonquin Park is best known for. Take a break from work and join one of our guided 3, 5 and 8 day canoe trips. Our world class guides will prepare unbelievable food over a hot fire and teach you how to paddle and portage on your own. It's also a great time to rent out one of our cottage units and relax dock side with a cold drink in your hand. If you're a fisherman, there are lots of fishing spots to check out. Once the muck of spring has dried up, summer is an ideal time to check out the "Forgotten Trails", a fantastic network of hiking trails local to Access Point #1.
July and August are when the novice and seasoned pro alike can venture out for canoe trips into Algonquin's backcountry. Check out some of our favourite routes departing from Access Point #1! Voyageur Outfitting can provide you with transportation to and from Toronto via our Algonquin Park Bus as well as renting any extra gear you may require. By mid August all but the most stubborn bugs have dissapeared. This is the perfect opportunity to venture out for your first canoe trip and explore the beautiful lakes and rivers that criss cross Algonquin while the temperature is still consistently warm. Check out our complete outfitting packages, including tents, canoes, stoves and available meal options.
Ideal Canoe Trip: Explore the interior lakes and canoe routes. Paddle and portage somewhere you've never been before. Nothing is off limits during the Summer!


As the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler, the chlorophyll in tree's leaves begin to break down and their colour changes from green to bright red, yellow and orange. This is makes for an amazing display of fall colours right across the park. The best way to experience the fall colours is an early autumn canoe trip. Water levels may be down from the summer, so we like to stick to the big beautiful lakes close by to Access Point #1, like North Tea, Manitou, Three Mile and Biggar! A stay at the Algonquin Canoe Outpost allows for the perfect opportunity to hike some of the amazing lookout trails along the "Forgotten Trails" network. Our favourites are the Tower Trail and Moose Mountain. If you'd prefer a cozy lodge based accomodation, check out the Algonquin Log Cabin, where we take you on guided interpritive hiking and canoeing day trips through the breathtaking fall colours. Cozy up and the end of the day in front of our large wood burning firplace or in our wood fired sauna.
Ideal Canoe Trip: Big lake loop through North Tea, Biggar, Three Mile and Manitou. Lots of opportunities to view golden hillsides and sky filling sunsets.


Winter is truly the most unique season to experience Algonquin in. So few people ever get to see the raw beauty of a frozen forrest and experience how quiet it really is. Our Cottage Outpost is accessible all winter and makes for a fantastic family holiday destination. Make your trip one to remember by snowshoeing the "Forgotten Trails", skiing the frozen lake or heading out for a dogsled trip. Our ever-popular Christmas Algonquin Log Cabin trip is sure to excite with an amazing home cooked turkey dinner, fire roasted chestnuts and guided day excursions. If you're in search of a romantic, care free winter vacation then the Winter Adventure for Two is for you. Featuring snowshoeing and skiing, dogsledding or snowmobiling, and a wall tent regional lunch on day 3.
The winter is also a great time for students to accomplish their expedition for the The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. We offer trips at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels with activities including: hot tent winter camping, snoeshoe lookout hikes and long ski trips. At the end of the day cook your delicious chili dinner in the wall tent and relax by the fire.
Ideal Winter Expedition:
3 Day Log Cabin Adventure, with snowshoeing, cross country skiing, wood fired sauna, home cooked meals and available accomodations. The Algonquin Park Bus runs all winter long!