Algonquin Wildlife

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. - Aristotle

The moose in Algonquin Park are active and plentiful, especially in early spring. Walking about the woods, in search of aquatic vegetation, ground plants and more, these massive herbivores are a fairly common, yet always incredible, sight in Algonquin Park. For wildlife photographers in search of the perfect moose-watching experience, our Moose Safari with Voyageur Quest is the perfect opportunity to catch these majestic beasts up close.

Black Bears

The second largest of all mammals that call Algonquin Park their home, the Black Bear is reasonably common yet seldom seen within the Park.

Algonquin Wolf

Larger than a coyote, but smaller than a Grey wolf, the Algonquin Wolf became classified as 'threatened' in 2016. Though elusive and rarely visibly seen, wolves can be clearly heard at night within the Park.

Common Loon

The recognizable, calming calls from the Common Loon fill Algonquin Park with echos of a beautiful, truly Canadian creature.

Algonquin Beaver

Spring is the perfect time to catch these mighty little creatures in action. Free from the frozen ice around April, beavers are very commonly spotted in the area.

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