Algonquin Guided Canoe Trips

5-Day Algonquin "One Way" Round to Kiosk Canoe Trip

The northwest corner of Algonquin Park is famous for its rolling hills, great trout fishing and beautiful lakes. Our 5 day canoe trip travels one-way, west to east, through the northwestern and more remote sections of the park.

Nothing beats getting deeper into Algonquin Park's lakeside paradise. Canoe through a mix of large lakes and generally slow moving stretches of river, with lots of time for wildlife viewing, hiking and back country exploration. Our pace is relaxed, as the objective is to have fun, slow down and leave plenty of time to explore the beauty of the Park. The campsites on this canoe trip are spectacular! Practice no trace camping and enjoy long swims in the clear freshwater. Fish for trout, relax, and get into the rhythm of the canoe tripping lifestyle.

No experience is required for the Algonquin 5 day canoe trip. You should be in decent shape and be able to be active for up to 5 hours at a time - at a walking pace.

Voyageur Quest's Algonquin Park canoe trips are participatory by nature. This includes learning how to paddle, portage (carry canoe overland between lakes or around rapids). The longest portage on a 5-day trip is 1355m. Paddle, portage, and camp each day while a professional wilderness guide provides leadership and instruction on all aspects of living and traveling in the wilderness. You are encouraged to participate as far as you are comfortable doing so. This includes: learning how to paddle and portage a canoe, camping comfortably, preparation and creation of delicious meals, learning about the natural world and the enjoyment of living in the outdoors.

Monday to Friday


Four nights camping accommodation, tasty meals, all group equipment, air mattress, Algonquin park permits, Kiosk shuttle and services of a wilderness guide