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Access Point #1 The Road Less Travelled

Algonquin Park - Voyageur Quest’s home at Access Point #1

The road less travelled

Algonquin Park, the first provincial park in Ontario, is an iconic Canadian locale, a stunning stretch of wilderness with thousands of lakes to canoe, amazing wildlife-viewing opportunities, and new treasures with each visit. But at 7,630km2, the park is larger than Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province. With 29 access points, scattered around the park and along Highway 60, why come to the far northwest corner of the park?

It may seem easier to follow the crowds and head along Highway 60 or go to the south end of the park. But at VQ Outfitting we believe that in order to authentically experience Algonquin, you must head into the interior, far away from the buses and overpopulated campgrounds. Algonquin Park is all about adventure, and its hard to have an adventure when you keep running into your neighbours.

Algonquin Park Access Point #1

We make our home at Access Point #1, at Kawawaymog (Round) Lake. If you are looking for the real backcountry experience, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking to rent your own tripping equipment, for guided canoe trips, a place to stay at the edge of the wilderness, or one last meal before heading out into the unknown, we have you covered. We offer a quiet outpost on the very edge of the park, so you can experience a quiet and beautiful part of Algonquin without having to travel into it. But if you are looking to explore, Access Point #1 is the perfect place to start.