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Get Started Route Advice and Canoe lesson for your DIY canoe trip

Get Started  Route Advice and Canoe lesson for your DIY canoe trip

Get Started! Route Advice, Menu advice, and a canoe lesson for your Algonquin canoe trip.

Happy Summer! It has been so wonderful to hear from so many of you keen to get out into Algonquin Park's backcountry for your first canoe trip!

Many of you have been asking for help with a good canoe route, advice with what kind of canoe is best for their trip and another canoe trip questions. Add to this, many of you have been arriving here, ready to head out but without any knowledge or how to paddle.

To help with your route questions, what to bring, and help you with a canoe lesson, we have created a new package called "Get Started ".

Have a look at this one minute video that helps explain our new package.

For just $39, you can add the "Get Started" package to our canoe rental.

This price includes :

a conversation or email with one of our wilderness canoe professional guides. They will help you with route advice, what to bring, and help with choosing the right canoe for your trip.

When you arrive, this price also includes help packing your boat, permits, and a canoe paddle and windy weather lesson to get you on your way.

We look forward to helping you learn to paddle safely and set you up for a fantastic Algonquin backcountry canoe trip experience. #Paddleon and hope to see you soon.